March 11, 2017

First Post

So this is my first blog post!


I was struggling with writing this post for a while now. I opened this blog over 6 months ago…

My name is Amir Granot, Granola is a nickname I was given by my friends for the first time at school and it stuck.

This blog will be a place where I will share my ideas, thoughts about technology, and tools that I find useful to me (wether I wrote them or someone else).

Almost every day I write something new, a script, code snippet, and every now and then I build something that might be useful to others.

Nowadays my focus is everything PowerShell but it may change as I grow, learn and master new things.

I was inspired to open this blog by bloggers and contributors in the PowerShell community, to name a few:

Martin Schvartzman —
Don Jones —
Adam Bertram —
Ed Wilson —
Mosh Hamedani —



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